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The world's first kinetic powered phone case

Design With a Purpose

The inspiration for this idea came from Hurricane Katrina. AMPware's founder, Mark Gabriel, was stuck with a dead phone battery and no way to reach emergency services. With this problem we had to develop an innovative solution that the world had never seen before. Taking inspiration from hand crank generators we developed a innovative mechanism to generate power in a small, flat form. Through rapid design, prototyping, and engineering we were able to deliver AMPware with a world class product under budget and ahead of schedule.

Performance and Durability

With a power output of 1 amp the CrankCase generates as much power and many wall chargers. To generate power the user simply flips our the back lever, pops up the handle, and rotates. In addition to performance the design required durability and comfort. The combination of high strength Delrin and a rubberized edge leads to an amazingly comfortable yet protective case with a purpose. The AMPware CrankCase has since had a successful crowdfunding campaign, been featured in top publication, and is currently being sold on Amazon Launchpad.

Products that get noticed

Our work with AMPware featured in top publication. Click logos for coverage.

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