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Click the categories below to learn more about manufacturing processes or select archive for the complete list


Perhaps the most prevalent manufacturing category for consumer products. Our world has been shaped by processes like Injection Molding and for good reason.




Including Machining, Turning, Grinding, Cutting, Etching, and so much more. Likely the oldest manufacturing category but still has a dominant place in the manufacturing world today.



A fairly new category that encompasses
 3D Printing and other similar processes. Less often used in scale manufacturing but revolutionary for prototyping and making geometries otherwise impossible. 



Includes painting, powder coating, anodizing, assembly, gluing, and tape. The category that often brings together the final product and often the toughest to get done right. 



Think of the sheet metal body of a car, paper clip,  skateboard. Often using flat material and pressing, bending, stretching, or stamping it into shape. 



The entire list of all the processes and techniques we've covered. If you'd like us to cover something we haven't yet you can make a request here too. We'll do our best to keep you informed.   


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