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Our Mission

To build the future of American manufacturing through superior speed, value, and quality. 
Maverick PDM was founded out of the frustration with the normal product development process. Typical product design firms just work on the design phase and outsource the rest of the development adding excess cost and time to the process. Maverick PDM stands apart from the crowd to offer a complete solution from concept to production, keeping as much of the production in-house as possible. This philosophy means delivering our clients with the highest value and quality at a greater speed than the competition. 
The Maverick Advantage

The Maverick Advantage

Seeing the big picture in the details
Maverick PDM starts with the end goal in sight. Our goal is to deliver our clients with a beautiful and functional product their customers will love. In-house manufacturing means we get the product to market faster and revisions can be quickly adopted and applied to new products. Flexible production means our clients don't pay for excess inventory keeping their business lean. With the end in mind, we take our clients from idea to production with the highest value, speed, and quality.

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