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From Idea To Product


It takes more than a good design to make a successful product. Deeper considerations need to be made that take into account the bigger picture.
  • Market Research: We take a look at comparable products and their user experience. We want to know where your product can excel and stand out from the competition.
  • Buyer Persona: Each product is made for someone unique. We want to know what makes them tick and drives their purchasing preferences.
  • Product Ecosystem: No product is an island. The end customer is going to interact with the product and it's critical to know how it will be used. 


Through a process of exploration and refinement, the design is developed into its   Design needs to go beyond a pretty pictures. 
  • Materials Research: Plastics, metals, wood, composites, ceramics, and foam. Choosing the right material properties and look is critical.
  • Pricing strategy: Research the target segment and comparable products. Look for strategies to maximize perceived value.  
  • Life-cycle: From birth to death, every product has a life span. Factors such as durability, disposal, and environment need to be considered before product conception.
  • Ergonomics: The form of every product can turned a good product into a loved product. Refined ergonomic design leads to greater product use and greater value. Prototypes are critical to iterative improvements. 
Product Engineering ensures it accomplishes the intended function. This is where the rubber meets the road and the product becomes a reality.
  • Value Engineering: Product value can be analyzed as a ratio between function and cost. Both function needs to be maximized while costs reduced in order to increase product value to customers. 
  • Materials Testing: A combination of computer modeling and physical tests are critical to make sure the product will perform its function. Material cost and manufacturing cost considerations are essential.
  • Performance Analysis: Various use cases are tested in order to assess if the product meets project goals and can move to production.
  • Manufacturing Strategy: Whether it's anything from CNC milling, injection molds, or vacuum forming, the right strategy is critical to achieving design and functional goals.


Manufacturing is really where Maverick PDM sets ourselves apart from the competition. No one offers the level of flexibility in quantities and speed of production as us.


  • Smart Inventory: Don't keep your money tied up in inventory and storage. Maverick PDM specializes in flexible manufacturing that scales as you grow. JIT inventory at its best.
  • Speed to Delivery: Domestic manufacturing means you get your products faster reducing delaying and keeping your business lean.
  • Domestic Quality Control: Quality control begins in design and continues throughout the production process. Every product is thoroughly inspected and held to the highest standards. Closed loop development means production improvements can quickly be adapted into the process.

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